Why do we need awards?

    There are many companies, large and small that have put it into overdrive during this 2020 pandemic, election, problem-infested year. Positions have been eliminated to save costs which, in-turn, makes the work harder for those "lucky" enough to keep their jobs. Simply working 9 to 5 is a thing of the past as work from home tends to keep the employees working well past quiting time. There is more demanded and the employees are working harder than ever, it's as simple as that.

    If you are not worried about retention during these times, you should be. Loyalty is still a cherished concept amongst your workers and this is what makes them work so hard for you, but it has to go both ways. They need to feel that you appreciate them for their hard work, their attendance, their extra-mile working, special achievements, self-improvement, exceeding expectations, etc... 

    Saying Thank You, Pat on the Back, Shaking a Hand are all essential and does wonders for the employees that want to know if you even notice their work. Unfortunately, these are the intangible things that fade pretty quickly. In the next several entries, I want to focus on other means of recognition and how they can motivate your employees without breaking the budget!


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